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Provides introduction to a huge range of sports, the first step into a new sport for many people, children and adults alike. This series features colour photos and illustrations, tips and interesting facts. It contains information on the equipment, rules, techniques and training tips.

Rover P5 & P5B

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Contains what you need to know about the sport, including equipment, rules, techniques and training tips. Providing information on how to find a club and meet new people to play the sport with, this book also includes colour photos and illustrations, top tips and interesting facts.

Royal Marines Fitness: Physical Training Manual

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The physical training that all Royal Marines recruits undergo is challenging and demanding, yet also structured and achievable.

Rugby Made Simple: An Entertaining Introduction to the Game for Bemused Supporters

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If you have a player in your life but don't understand the game at all, then this is the book for you. Aimed at friends and family who go along to watch but have no real idea what is going on.

Rugby Union

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Rugby World Yearbook 2020

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Rugby: Talking A Good Game: The Perfect Gift for Rugby Fans

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The autobiography of legendary rugby commentator Ian Robertson
€10.99 €14.85

Rugby: The Art of Scrummaging: A History, a Manual and a Law Dissertation on the Rugby Scrum

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Rugby: The Art of Scrummaging draws on many years of combined experience of world class players to present a structured and well researched body of work which aims to inform and educate coaches, players, and referees about this noble "art".